Animating Variable Type with Code

Variable fonts are growing in popularity in the design world and as more of our time is spent on screens these fonts offer a new avenue for experimentation. Each day designers are using code to create experiences that are novel, dynamic and playful. Through the use of code we can unlock new and imaginative possibilities for typography through animation and interaction.

Over the course of 5 weeks we will be exploring the basics of typography on the web through workshops and projects. Students will use HTML, CSS and Javascript to manipulate variable fonts and are expected to complete weekly projects alongside their peers in a workshop style class. By the end of the course students will be able to use code to experiment and create new typographic experiences.

No experience with HTML, CSS, or Javascript is required and we won’t make too many assumptions about prior programming skills or background in the course.

The course was created by Romello Goodman and offered at Cooper Union and as a workshop for the Block Brand + Purpose team.


  • Week 1: HTML and CSS
  • Week 2: Fonts and CSS Animations
  • Week 3: Layout and More Animations
  • Week 4: Exploring More CSS
  • Week 5: Guest Speaker and Final Prompt