Generative Typography

Generative Typography is a graphic design course at the intersection of computation and typography. We will explore the possibilities of code as a creative medium and use programming to manipulate digital type. Through a series of workshops and hands-on exercises students will learn how to build compositions with code translating a number of design principles such as grids, color, and motion. We will explore various areas of thinking from basic form making to generating typographic systems that are dynamic and unique. By the end of the course students will be familiar with creating compositions using code. P5.js is the main programming library for the course, and no prior programming experience is needed.

The course was created by Romello Goodman and offered at Cooper Union and MICA.


  • Week 1: Shapes, Colors and Position
  • Week 2: Text and Interaction
  • Week 3: Loops and Conditionals
  • Week 4: Motion
  • Week 5: Variable Fonts
  • Week 6: Variable Fonts
  • Week 7: Points
  • Week 8: Points
  • Week 9: 3D
  • Week 10: Final

Guest Speakers

Throughout the course we will have creative technologists, designers and artists come and speak to the class. The typical class agenda might be altered to accommodate the speaker. For each speaker we plan to do a work presentation followed by a Q+A session.

Marketing for Speakers