p5.js for Visual Designers

Code as a creative medium is reshaping how designers work. As software is becoming increasingly critical to our design practices, there is an opportunity to rethink our relationship to the idea of a “design tool” and our ability to shape the digital space. Coding is giving designers the ability to extend their existing design tools or even create new ones suited to their process and workflows. Simultaneously, learning to code is unlocking new avenues for expression and communication that have previously been closed.

In 5 hands-on workshops, you will gain an understanding of JavaScript and the creative coding library p5.js to explore principles of graphic design. Students will use code to create interactive and novel experiences and are expected to complete weekly projects alongside their peers in a workshop style class. By the end of the course students will be familiar with creating compositions using code.

No experience with Javascript or p5.js is required and we won’t make any assumptions about prior programming skills or background in the course.

The course was created by Romello Goodman and offered at Cooper Union.


  • Week 1: TBA
  • Week 2: TBA
  • Week 3: TBA
  • Week 4: TBA
  • Week 5: TBA