Web Design for Artists

Balancing functionality with aesthetics, this course introduces interface design principles and production tools. Students are introduced to the concepts and basic principles of user experience. The integration of concept and content will be realized through projects designed for the web. Tools like HTML, CSS, and website builders will be introduced. We aim to explore the trade offs and decisions behind using a website builder vs using code to design on the web.

The course was created by Romello Goodman and taught at MICA.


Students will be introduced to the field of web design and it's building blocks: HTML & CSS.

Graphic/Web Design

Students will explore a brief history of the web as a design medium and discuss possible futures for this unique medium.

Interaction Design

Students will be introduced to Javascript, the verb to noun and adjectives that are HTML and CSS.

Motion & Animation

Students take a look at popular libraies for scrollytelling, motion, and animation as well as the underlying concepts for achieving this in CSS and Javascript.


Combining knowledge from all of the previous modules, students demonstrate the ability to weave compelling stories on the web.