Generative Typography

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Generative Typography is a graphic design course at the intersection of computation and typography. Students will participate in a workshop style class where we will use Javascript and the creative coding library p5.js to explore generative techniques and apply them to typographic systems. We will explore various areas of thinking from basic form making to generating typographic systems that are dynamic and unique. By the end of the course students will be familiar with creating compositions using code.

MICA Spring 2022

This website is a living document that will be updated as the course progresses. It serves as the website for the course with links to the syllabus, lectures, readings, etc.

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Design Tools

A collection of Design Tools designed to create Generative Typography. Asterisks* signify works created by MICA Faculty, Students, and Alumni.

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This course wouldn’t be possible without acknowledging the help of the following people and resources. Ashley Shaffer and Bomani Oseni McClendon for sharing yall's pedagogical insights. Aubrie Odell for your support and cooperation throughout the course design process.

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