Generative Typography


Let's meet one last time and present our final projects. Note, similar to your midterms, final projects are due at the beginning of this class session: May 4th, 2022 at 10am.

Class Agenda

Workshop (Optional) 9 - 10am
Final Presentations 10 - 11:30am


Generative Poster Series. Pick an event, real or fake, and create a generative poster for it. Each poster can be static, interactive, animated, or some combination of these aspects. Each poster should have a 11:14 ratio, 1100 x 1400 pixels would work, and combine several of the topics we've covered throughout the course. Similar to the midterm, prepare a presentation for your project. Use this space to talk about your process, inspirations, different explorations and generally give an overview of what you are trying to accomplish in your project and how it went. Format of the presentation should be a slideshow.

Readings & Resources

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