Generative Typography

Guest Speakers

Throughout the course we will have creative technologists, designers and artists come and speak to the class. Because of COVID these sessions will be conducted online via Zoom. The typical class agenda might be altered to accommodate the speaker. For each speaker we plan to do a work presentation followed by a Q+A session.

Asemica Team, April 13

Asemica is a generative algorithm that creates typographic compositions. As traditional asemic writing is to handwriting, Asemica is to typography: it creates asemic writing by the hand of a machine. The team behind Asemica consists of Emily Edelman, Dima Ofman, & Andrew Badr.

Emily Edelman. By day, Emily is the Design Director at David Stark Design, where she leads a team to concept and execute IRL events and experiences for brands. By night, Emily is a pixel eating NFT creator, working in generative art and graphic design. Most recently, she and her two partners launched the typographic generative art project “Asemica” on Art Blocks Curated. With a little time to spare, Emily loves biking, designing, folding paper, good conversation, live music, reading, restaurants, whiskey and word games.

Dima Ofman.

& Andrew Badr.

Speakers will be in class from 12-1pm via Zoom. More details and class agenda to be announced.


Lynne Yun & Kyuha Shim (Q), April 20

Lynne Yun is a NYC-based type designer, educator and technologist who specializes in typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy. She currently teaches for educational institutions such as Type@Cooper, Parsons School of Design, and the Letterform Archive.

Kyuha Shim (Q) is a designer, researcher and educator based in Pittsburgh. He is an Associate Professor in the School of Design and Director of the Computational Creativity Lab at CMU. He serves as a National Steering Committee Member for the Design Educators Community (DEC) of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and Education Director of AIGA Pittsburgh.

Speakers will be in class from 12-1pm via Zoom. More details and class agenda to be announced.