The Reader Guidance team was responsible for building out The Times' service journalism products. In 2019 the team began to prototype a new experience for the The New York Times website, called City Guides. Leveraging our authority in the travel space we wanted to create an evergreen destintation page that could serve as the hub for navigating and exploring a city.

Central to the success of the product was prototyping the new UI/UX for navigating the page. The Guide's navigation workflow is distinct on both mobile and desktop and switching between the two needed to be seemless. Working closely with design I prototyped an editorial workflow that used our current CMS capabilities and created a working prototype that was responsive and production ready out of the gate. Using Mapbox to power the mapping functionality we only had to minimally extend the CMS to make location authoring easier once we began to move out of the prototype phase. By working with the maintainers of the platform I also ensured that our prototype was siloed and would not have unintended affects on the health and performance of the wider web platform.