Romello Goodman

Designer, Coder, and Prototyper.

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Autonomous Fleet Management Suite

Research Design Prototyping Development

Monitoring the Fleet

After the 2nd launch of Satellites it became evident that our current software and operations workflows were not scaleable. While our current solution allowed for a single spacecraft controller to handle 5-6 different spacecrafts we need to begin researching how autonomous solutions could be leveraged.

This meant taking a less pro-active role in spacecraft controlling and allowing the constellation to manage and drive itself. As with all automation talks, this inspired doubts of whether the system would actually work and a understanding of the risk involved in case a malfunction in operations caused a spacecraft or whole swaths of the constellation to be inoperable.

In order to address these concerns we held extensive research sessions to develop a definition of "health" that we could use in operations. By defining what a "healthy" satellite is we were able to prototype solutions for constellation management that could be used in the near term while the autonomous solution was being developed. The thinking being that, by giving them access to a birds-eye view of the entire operations, we can start to abstract away the activites they would run on the "ground".


In practice, we were only able to get to the wireframe stage of Fleet Health Visualizations before I departed from the team. As I was departing we had already begin to abstract and streamline the amount of information available to spacecraft controlers.

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The Spacecraft page from F6
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The Spacecraft in the process of being pared-down