Romello Goodman

Hi, my name is Romello Goodman ( mello good ) and I'm a Computational Designer, Educator and Artist.

I use code as my creative medium to solve design problems and prototype solutions. In the past, I've worked in various industries such as media, aerospace, and politics. Currently, I am a Design Technologist at Block and a Graphic Design Educator at MICA.

My artistic practice is called Good Graphics. In my practice I examine the computer’s role in the creative process through the practice of printmaking. Through the introduction of computational and generative techniques, I create ways of imbuing individuality and specificity into each graphic.

I believe that computers can make us more creative and that tool building can be a labor of love. The creativity inspired by digital artists, publishing tools and creative coding. The love inspired by carrier bags, home-cooked meals and digital love-languages.